Wishel is a members club, providing participation within a number of playing categories summerised as follows:- 

  • Full Adult Membership:   Means 7-day a week access to the courts.
  • Mid-Week Membership:  Mon-Friday only..
  • Junior Membership:         Under 18's - with their own programme.
  • Junior Concessionary:    Juniors reaching adult standard of play.

Our current membership rates for 2023 as follows:

 Full Membership £160.00 per annum
 Mid-Week  £140.00 per annum
 Junior Concessionary £40.00 per annum
 Junior Membership £21.00 per annum
 Family Memberships Available On application
 Parent & Junior Player Membership £40 per annum 

All membership inquiries directed to Max Quest, Secretary:-

Tel: 07479 542150.      Email: < wishel@hotmail.co.uk >.